Destination Weddings: Anne-Marie & Francis - Dreams Tulum, Mayan Riviera, Mexico

It's not every day that I have the privilege to photograph destination weddings.  However, when this amazing couple reached out to me a couple of years ago, it seemed that 11.11.11 was in the very far future.  Before I knew it, November was around the corner, and I was packing my sunscreen. There are so many amazing reasons to get married far from home.  It

Montreal Wedding Photography - Khrystle & Rommel

Montreal Destination Wedding: Khrystle & Rommel moved out to Fort McMurray, Alberta last year, when we first met.  Originally from Montreal, they organized their wedding from afar. My good friends at MaddyK introduced me to Khrystle, and I was very excited to hear what kind of gorgeous wedding my friends would style up for this couple at Le Loft Hotel.  I

Montreal Wedding Photography: Vanessa & Rob

I love summer Weddings!  Vanessa and Rob were an awesome couple to photograph.  This dynamic duo had everything planned out beautifully for their big day.  It was definitely a first for us to photograph the groom getting a game in of ball hockey before his big day.  I loved it.  It was relaxed, and

Montreal Engagement Photography: Jennifer and Jose

Montreal Engagement Photography: Engagement sessions can be fun, spontaneous and should best represent the couple. These 2 love birds, Jennifer and Jose carefully planned out their wedding.  It was an amazing experience, full of surprises...tonnes of humour.  Linds and I were in stitches laughing at all of the performances at the reception. - HYSTERICAL.   I

Montreal Engagement Photography: Emmanuelle and Ed

Montreal Engagement Photography: I was so happy to review the photos from this engagement session of Emmanuelle and Ed.  Our 2 wonderful photographers, Lindsay and Linxi (yes, they are somewhat like twins in many ways) went on a photo shoot adventure with Emmanuelle and Ed.  There were balloons, cupcakes, and wine involved, cute white boards, hopefully a whole lot of


Montreal Event Furniture & Decor

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More than often, we are invited to participate in capturing incredible moments in people’s lives.  It is an absolute honour to do what we do.  People trust in us to capture some of the most memorable parts of their lives.

We also achieve wonderful opportunities to photograph decor and the making of what will become an incredible event.   The choice of furniture, decor, flowers and ambiance that you are creating for your next event couldn’t come together

without the amazing teams that I am fortunate enough to work with on a weekly basis.  I admire these people.  They are behind the scenes, work incredibly hard to create magic for you and your guests.


Furniture & Decor: Luxe Rentals

Flowers: Alain Simon

Bar Services: Brahm Mauer

Photography: Christina Esteban Photography

Christina Esteban Photography 014 (Cover 1) Christina Esteban Photography 013 (Cover 1) Christina Esteban Photography 012 (Cover 1) Christina Esteban Photography 011 (Cover 1) Christina Esteban Photography 010 (Cover 1) Christina Esteban Photography 009 (Cover 1) Christina Esteban Photography 008 (Cover 1) Christina Esteban Photography 007 (Cover 1) Christina Esteban Photography 006 (Cover 1) Christina Esteban Photography 005 (Cover 1) Christina Esteban Photography 004 (Cover 1) Christina Esteban Photography 003 (Cover 1) Christina Esteban Photography 002 (Cover 1) Christina Esteban Photography 001 (Cover 1)

Sienna’s Birthday

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Graphic Designer meets event planner, meets sweet table galore!  Kelly Deluca, owner of Sucre + Confetti and talented graphic designer, who also did an amazing job on my logo and website, celebrated her daughter Sienna’s first birthday.  You can imagine the attention to details that went in to this bday, right down to the cutlery!  Super colourful, emerald vibe and delicious bites of sweet and savory.  Everyone enjoyed this amazing indoor kick off to summer and celebration of Sienna.  All I can say is delicious and super fabulous.  Happy Mother’s day!

Always a pleasure!


Sienna 001 (Cover 1) Sienna 002 (Cover 1)  Sienna 004 (Cover 1) Sienna 005 (Cover 1) Sienna 006 (Cover 1)  Sienna 008 (Cover 1) Sienna 009 (Cover 1) Sienna 010 (Cover 1) Sienna 011 (Cover 1) Sienna 012 (Cover 1) Sienna 013 (Cover 1) Sienna 014 (Cover 1) Sienna 015 (Cover 1) Sienna 016 (Cover 1) Sienna 017 (Cover 1) Sienna 018 (Cover 1) Sienna 019 (Cover 1) Sienna 020 (Cover 1) Sienna 021 (Cover 1) Sienna 022 (Cover 1) Sienna 023 (Cover 1)

Montreal Corporate Event Photography: Cava Rose – Sparkly Holiday party

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I am so in love with the holidays!  It is definitely my most favourite time of the year.  I had the pleasure to photograph an elegant private event by savy event planners, Cava Rose  I really hope to work more with this team in 2012.  Hiring your own professional photographer for a private event is the way to go to preserve the beautiful memories and special details of the party.

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Montreal Baby Shower: Sylva

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I couldn’t be more excited about this delicious shoot from yesterday’s rainy day Montreal baby shower…hosted by the lovely Robyn Chalmers from Fashionista 514, there was absolutely nothing dreary about this day, bright and colourful lavendar’s and butter yellows lit up the room.

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Montreal Barbie Birthday party!

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When I was asked to dress up as a barbie, wear a blonde barbie wig, bring Photobooth Montreal for a barbie fashion show, and of course shoot the birthday party…I thought this was going to be the coolest 6 year old birthday party I’ve ever seen!

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