Montreal Wedding Photography: Amanda & Guillaume

Montreal Wedding Photography: It does not take long before getting to know Amanda, that you find yourself falling in love with her adorable smile, and most kindest, genuine one of a kind personalities.  As Lindsay says, you want to be her best friend, and my god does this girl make you feel like you are.  Each and every one of her friends and family are treasures to her, and mean the world to Amanda.

Amanda definitely makes everyone around her feel important and loved.  Which now brings us to Guillaume.  If Amanda has all of this love and grace for all of her friends and family, you cannot imagine the outpouring of sheer generosity and pure love that she exudes for her man. Actually, when AKI from COCO FILMS posts their wedding video, I will ask to share the speech that she made that broke everyone’s heart, actually sent me to tears… yup both Lindsay and I had tears falling down our cheeks behind our cameras when she pronounced her love to the love of her life, Guillaume.

What an absolute honour to be part of such an important day in their lives. We can’t wait to share in their beautiful epic photographic moments to come.





































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I am your Canadian Wedding photographer, originally from Winnipeg. I've been part of Montreal's wedding photography community for 4 years, now, and have branched out west to the rest of Canada. I've been in love with photography for some time now, and truly enjoy finding the right shot over and over again. This is what photography is about to me, re-inventing myself every time. I will help you discover your best shot, outside of a pose. Or, bring you to another level of fashion, so that you will become the model you always wanted to be on your wedding day. Lets just have fun and get creative! Whatever the weather, or province!

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